Remove various old, unused or obsolete data from the database, optimize the database for best performance. Schedule cleanup tasks to run automatically. Support for WP-CLI and WP REST API integrations.

SweepPress is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress, built around 28 different Sweepers for database cleanup, support for WP-CLI and WP REST API, the ability to create sweep jobs that can include one or more sweepers, and that can be scheduled to run periodically, and other useful tools for database clean up and optimization.

The plugin has Pro and Lite editions, with the Lite edition available from and having all the sweepers and support for WP-CLI and WP REST API.

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The video shows the plugin features, including the differences between the Pro and Lite editions.

Database Sweeping Methods

The plugin includes 3 sweeping methods and support for clean-up via REST API, and CLI.

Auto Sweep

The fastest way to clean up the website database is with Auto Sweep, which will run most of the sweepers.

Quick Sweep

Quickly sweep the website with an easy way to select some of the sweepers is through the Quick Sweep.

Full Sweep

Use every available sweeper without limitation, and get detailed information about each sweeper.


Integrate the sweeping process in the WP REST API and register sweeper commands to list and run sweepers.

WP CLI Support

Integrate the sweeping process in the WP CLI and register sweeper commands to list and run sweepers.

Multisite Support

If you use multisite, the plugin will load a few additional Sweepers for the Network level sweeping.

PRO Plugin Features only

There are some features only available in the Pro version of the plugin and more Pro exclusive features will be added in future updates.

Scheduled Jobs

Create the job with a custom name, set it as idle, run once at the specified time, or run on a schedule.

List and run the Jobs

Review all scheduled sweeping jobs, check the last progress report, or run any of them manually whenever you want.

CRON Control

Show all the registered jobs inside the WordPress CRON with tracking of source and much more.

Sweeper Monitor (v2.0)

Daily and Weekly monitor with notifications when the minimum number of records or Database size for sweeping is reached.

Database Overview (v3.0)

Show the status of all database tables, attempt to detect plugin sources, run optimize and repair actions, and more.

Meta Data Cleanup

Coming soon…

List of included Sweepers

SweepPress (both Pro and Lite editions) includes 29 sweepers performing various database clean-up operations. These sweepers belong to several categories, depending on the different types of data they are made for.


  • Auto Drafts
  • Spam Content
  • Trashed Content
  • Posts Revisions
  • Posts Orphaned Revisions
  • Postmeta Locks
  • Postmeta Last Edits
  • Postmeta Oembeds
  • Postmeta Orphans


  • Optimize Database Tables
  • Repair Database Tables (v3.0)


  • Spam Comments
  • Trashed Comments
  • Unapproved Comments
  • Orphaned Comments
  • Comments User Agents
  • Commentmeta Orphans
  • Pingbacks Cleanup
  • Trackbacks Cleanup
  • Akismet Metadata (v1.1)


  • Terms Orphans
  • Termmeta Orphans


  • Expired Transients
  • RSS Feeds
  • All Transients
  • CRON Jobs


  • Usermeta Orphans

Multisite Meta

  • Expired Transients
  • All Transients

And with more features

There are a few more features plugin includes

Log jobs and stats

The plugin logs various statistical information for all the sweeper runs, sweeper jobs, and more.

Statistics Panel

Show total and monthly statistics with removed records and saved space statistics for every sweeper.

Settings Panel

Control over CLI and REST API integration, additional settings for some of the sweepers, and a few other settings.

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